Thursday, April 14, 2011

Home Lunches in Chicago

Just recently a school in Chicago banned lunches from home because they weren't "nutritious like our lunches."

That is a big lie. Since I am in school I know how bad the lunches are. They are disgusting. The vegetables are pale, the rice too thick and mushy, most of the food is burned, and some of the fruit is bruised and rotten. Call that nutritious? The colors of the vegetables and fruit just aren't natural! How hard is it to keep from burning when all they do is reheat the food? Most of the food has grease on it. YUCK!

A girl in my class uses a napkin to blot up the grease. It is soaked through.

All of us kids are forced to eat this crap.

There is one girl at my school, she shall remain nameless, always brings lunch from home. She has never bought a school lunch this year. If the Montgomery School Board were to ban lunches from home I don't know what she would do. What would happen to kids who just got braces? They can't chew. It hurts too much (not that I have had braces, but a girl in my class got them.) What if there is something they can't eat? What would they eat?

People should he able to bring lunches from home. It's not like we're bringing in Burger King, though it might not be worse than what we're forced to eat!

I pack my own lunches. I make a sandwich, fruit, vegetables and maybe a dessert like cookies. I do it because I know what's good for me. The overcooked and greasy school food is definitely not very healthy!

That is just my opinion. You can put your opinion in the comments.


  1. I TOTALLY agree with you! Bravo to you for making your own lunches and for standing up for your "food rights." My kiddo brings his lunch from home, too.

  2. I hate most school lunches, and i agree completely with you
    , we shouldn't ban school lunches but the Boards should get up to code and realise kids need proper food not the food you described. Please check out my blog and feel free to comment and join my facebook page on my blog! I love your blog and you are featured in the blogs i like section of my blog! Happy Baking, Beth xxx