Saturday, January 22, 2011

Catch Up Time!

I'm so sorry i haven't posted in a while. I've been busy. I have been doing a lot of baking since then.

First i made a Chocolate Creme Pie. YUM! It was very rich and creamy. The whole family loved it.

On New Years Eve i made Jumbo Cupcakes with Marshmallow filling. Very sticky to make, and to eat. = )

My favorite was a Brownie Pie. There's a funny story with that. It was brownie pie with chocolate chips.

I had already put it in the oven for about 50 min and i stuck a knife in to see if it was ready. It came out dirty. I cooked it for another 5 min. It came out dirty again. I put it in for another 5 min. It still came out dirty. I finally put it in for 10 min. It still came out dirty. So I just took it out. Then i found out it was chocolate chips i had added. Every time I put the knife in, I hit chocolate chips! Oops. The crust was a little over cooked, but the brownie was still good!

I also made Molasses-Ginger cupcakes. Yummy! I also made Triple-Citrus cupcakes with a Lemon-Orange glaze. I ran out of fresh lemon juice. I also made some yummy Peanut Butter Cookie Cupcakes. A few months ago (October) I made Strawberry Cupcakes. Sometime last year I made White Cupcakes. I messed up on making stiff peaks with the egg whites.

Here is a good story.
We had left over bread dough and I wanted to make bread sticks for dinner that night. My mom said ok. I rolled them out and put them on a pizza stone to rise. I put them in the oven to cook and my mom said she'd take it out. About 30 min later she realized she left them in the oven. Ten minutes over the time needed to cook.

That's all I have for now! I'll try to keep updated. Bye!

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